city of whispers

Book 1

A peddler of rumors. A ruler's untimely death. Whoever controls the secrets, controls the realm...

Oedija, Pearl of the Four Realms, is a city on the brink. 

Its wardens, those who can bend energy to their will, have been suppressed, killed, or driven into hiding. 

Its government is rife with corruption. Power has become concentrated in the hands of the ruthless.

And the worst drought in a century scorches its fields and starves its people.

So when Oedija's symbolic ruler dies suspiciously, it is the spark to set the city on fire. 

Hoping to make their fame and fortune, Airene the Finch and her unorthodox companions rush to solve the mystery of their ruler’s death. Sellers of rumor and scandal, they're just scraping by, and need a big payout if they're going to survive.

And Airene has greater dreams: to be recognized as a Verifier of Truth whose calling is to root out corruption from the highest echelons of society.

But the Despot's death is only the beginning. Legends stir and rise from the past. The yokes of society begin to fray and are cast off.

And an ancient threat, one that will shatter the Four Realms, is awakening...

A tale of political intrigue, magic, and mystery, with twists and turns you won't expect, City of Whispers catapults readers into the riveting world of The Famine Cycle. Pick up your copy to begin your next epic adventure today!


Prequel Novella

A nobleman is murdered. A new power is stirring in the city. The hunt for the truth begins…

Airene is a merchant of rumors and seller of secrets, profiting off of others’ misfortunes and misdealings. When a noble falls dead under unusual circumstances and leaves her friend in a compromising position, she and her companions must investigate who’s behind it. But nothing is as it seems. And to survive, Airene must become someone she never thought she could…

A tale of secrets, magic, and mystery, Secret Seller is the intriguing prequel novella to the epic fantasy trilogy The Famine Cycle. If you like the roguish characters of The Lies of Locke Lamora, the complexity of Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice, and the magic of Mistborn, you’ll love this new fantastical world!