Update: April 2017

Hi all, and thanks for reading my inaugural author update! I'll post here periodically for book news and to let you know how the writing's going.

As for this first round, I have a couple works in progress. My first complete novel, In the Shadow of the Rook, is currently being edited (thanks Tim Marquitz!) and is set to come out end of May. To prepare for publishing, I've been writing an introductory short story, which you all can now get for free by following the button top right of this page. I'll also have a short story following In the Shadow which I'll start writing soon.

The last thing in The Sons Incarnate series is I'm continuing to brainstorm and plot the second book (still to be titled) and getting excited for when I can get to work on it!

Meanwhile, I've got a second series I've been world-building for the last few months and started writing this last month. About 15k in, and man, it's a blast! Here's the basic premise:

Our protagonist, Airene, is a seeker and seller of secrets. The story begins with the announcement of the death of the Despot, or their tributary monarch. But Airene doesn't buy the explanation of "natural causes," and with her talented and haphazard crew, she sets to investigating it. But things start getting complicated quick, and this isn't just about the truth of one man's mysterious death; it's the fate of Airene's whole nation.

If that intrigues you, sign up for my newsletter, and I'll keep you posted on when it comes out!

Last for this update, I've been experimenting with writing bite-sized stories to supplement novel composition, and am loving it so far. It's satisfying to start and complete something wholly, and it gets you thinking about story in a fewer way than often happens when thinking of a whole novel. If you try it out yourself, let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Well that's all for now. See you next time!

- J