Buy Absalom's Fate for $0.99! (Only for a short while!) - and author update

Hey there!

Plenty is going on here in my writing loft these days - partly because I have a spastic attention span, partly because some things have been turning in the mill for a long time. Way too long…

I’m 2/3 through editing City of Whispers, the first in my upcoming epic fantasy series - and so thrilled to be getting so close on it!

Absalom’s Heretic is halfway written - but might be a bit delayed for getting the book cover. Stay tuned!

And I’m in the beginning stages of a new epic fantasy series. I know what you’re saying - “But shouldn’t you publish your FIRST epic fantasy series before writing another one?” You try telling my brain that though. I’ll tell you now, it won’t work out in your favor!

That’s enough for now. I know what you’re actually reading for - the limited time deal! Fine, fine. You can buy Absalom’s Fate for $0.99 by clicking here ;)

Until next time…